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Captain America hunts down Ryan Gosling!

1.Transit Love Season 2

Romance·Reality Show(Release Date:2022/7/16)

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Romance	Reality Show

The second season of the heart-wrenching romance reality show is here! Can a split couple live together again and spark again?

2.Don't Make Me Go

Family·Road(Release Date:2022/7/16)

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Family Road

When a single father finds out that he has a terminal illness, he decides to take his teenage daughter to find the mother who abandoned her years ago, and the two embark on a loving road trip.

3.The Gray Man

Thriller·Action·Spy(Release Date:2022/7/22)

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Thriller Action Spy

Captain America plays the villain for the first time, ruthlessly hunting down the former CIA agent Ryan Gosling who became a killer!

4.American Horror Stories Season 2

Horror·Suspense(Release Date:2022/7/22)

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Horror Suspense

A spooky doll house, a bruised bride doll... The mysterious and terrifying story begins!

5.Trying Season 3

Romance·Comedy(Release Date:2022/7/22)

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Romance	Comedy

Nikki and Jason are finally trying at making their dream family become a permanent reality. How will their lives change because of their children?