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100 Innocent Girls Were Kept In Captivity In The Basement For 16 Years, And They Became The Playthings Of The Rich! Thriller Movie "Level 16"

1.El bar

crime violent gore thriller

11 people was trapped in the bar. They will be killed once stepping out?

The beginning of the film is a multi-person long shot, on the ordinary street, people are busy with it. Soon, the camera cuts to a noisy bar. There are people coming and going at the entrance of the bar. Several protagonists are gradually familiar with the audience: the proprietress who controls the bar, the barman who has worked in the bar for many years, and the police who were dismissed for alcoholism. Businessmen in suits and ties, young Muslims who are addicted to electronic music, middle-aged women who like to play slot machines, and beggars who go into bars to ask for food, mumbling some swear words. The hostess also walked into the bar and wanted to borrow the charger in the store. These 8 people constitute the "gamers" of this confinement adventure. A gunshot broke the calm, and a guest who had just walked out of the bar was shot in the head and collapsed in a pool of blood. The remaining 8 people in the bar did not dare to break through the door again. They found that there were snipers squatting outside the door, and the bustling street became extremely empty in a blink of an eye. Some people want to call for help, but the strange thing is that everyone's mobile phone has lost the signal. The presupposition of the film is basically formed here - whoever walks out of the bar will die. There is no way to call the police, no way to ask for help, and the small bar has become a closed space that cannot be walked out. They turned on the TV to see if there was any news about it, but, no.


crime robbery comedy

Two groups of robbers aim at the same bank? Scary but hilarious!

The story takes place in a bank that is about to leave work. There are very few people coming to the bank to do business at this time. But the male protagonist of this movie came to the bank to exchange $100 coins. And he was greeted by the beauty at the counter, Caitlin, whose desk was full of wedding gifts. At this time, the inside of the bank is busy with work, and the people outside are not idle. Just as Tripp was about to leave after finishing his business, two men with guns barged in and yelled "robbery". On the other side, the three professional robbers also shouted "robbery". Same time, same place, same goal. It turned out that several groups of robbers jointly got the news that the bank upgraded the system today. Thus, the bank robbery was carried out at the same time. Which of the two robbers can successfully rob the bank?

3.In the Tall Grass

crime suspense looping thriller gore

The brother and sister strayed into the grass, but met a strange little boy...

Carl drives a pregnant Betsy, and they both have their own thoughts and speed towards their destination. On the way, we passed an abandoned church and stopped for a while to rest. Just as they were about to set off, they heard a cry for help from the tall grass beside the road, a boy named Tobin. Listening to the voice, there was another woman lost in the grass with him. The kind-hearted Carl was eager to save people, and regardless of Becky's dissuasion, he immediately entered the grass that was taller than the head, and groped for Tobin. Therefore, Becky had to follow closely, dialing the emergency number in his hand, but as he went deeper and deeper, the signal was cut off before the matter was clearly explained. What was terrifying was that Carl, who was originally in front, was gone. Becky and Carl both realized that the grass was full of eerie...

4.Level 16

Crime Mystery Captivity Thriller Female

Terrifying! Boarding school harvests school girls' face for medical beauty business.

The story takes place in a closed-run girls' boarding school. It feels weird everywhere, the walls are iron-clad, closed and dark, and there are cameras everywhere. Every door leading to other places can only be opened by the administrator swiping the card. The bed was so hard that it could bruise the skin. Window, it does not exist. The only light that can be seen here is the light. Most of the female students here are under the age of 16, and they are all orphans. They have been brainwashed since childhood: only by abiding by ethics can they be adopted by the rich and live a good life. They also take a disease-preventing vitamin before going to bed. In fact, the drug not only fails to maintain good health, but can actually cause people to fall into a coma at night. During this period of coma, there will be guards sneaking in, some girls will be taken away, and some will even be molested!