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Demons, witchcraft, cults! The best Korean religious horror movie "The Wailing"!

1.The Wailing

Horror Family Thriller Supernatural Ghosts Gore Murder

How scary is the Korean cult? this movie tells you

The film tells the story of a Japanese who arrives in a small village and leads a series of murders. After the police learned that their daughter was possessed, they found a wizard and worked together to exorcise the demon. On a rainy night, a murder occurred in a small village. The scene was full of blood, and the body lying at the door was red and swollen. Then, a fire broke out in another house. The hostess bit and arrested people like crazy. The next day, she was hanged on a big tree at the entrance of the village. Before the case was solved, there were rumors in the village that the woman had slept with the Japanese before being found by the devil. While he was having a headache, a young woman told him that the Japanese were demons, stay away from him. But later, his daughter was entangled by demons, forcing him to go to the Japanese, and even to the help of a wizard priest. The Japanese fell off a cliff, causing the police to mistakenly believe that the demon was dead. At this time, the wizard told him that the previous divination was wrong. In fact, the demon was a young woman, and he wanted him to go home quickly. But the woman told him not to believe in wizards, he was the devil's entourage, and never to go home. Looking at the woman attached to the dead body, thinking of the seriously ill daughter. The police finally believed the wizard's words, followed the cult, and entered the final end.

2.Ghost Mansion

horror ethics thriller supernatural ghost

Cheating, cult, raising dolls, popular Korean horror movies!

As an artist who serializes comics on the Internet, Zhiyu has just encountered waterloo in his career. The new long-length serialization is very powerful. In order to find a down-to-earth horror story, he came to the "Guanglin Apartment", a biography building. There are many strange haunted houses. The film shows the stories of his interviews with the apartment administrators one by one through Ji Woo's perspective. The first story of the film is "The Writer". In order to write novels with peace of mind, the author left his wife and two-year-old child behind and came to room 504 of Guanglin Apartment alone, intending to retreat and write. But as soon as he moved in, weird things kept happening. The second chapter, "The Pharmacist," revolves around the story of Xiaosan being horribly threatened by her boyfriend. The "mediation" story in Chapter 3 is even more sobering. The "International Students" in Chapter 4 uses the corner of the room full of mold to make patients with intensive phobia faint instantly; the "Administrator" in Chapter 5 uses the reversal of the role to make the original cartoonist become a "replacement". Lamb of Sin".

3.Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

horror fake documentary thriller

The scariest Korean horror movie of the past 10 years, do you dare to watch it?

At the beginning of the film, two high school students ventured to the fourth floor of Kunchiyan Mental Hospital and tried to open door 402, but the door could not be opened. A lightning flashed across, and the screen switched to an online program poster "The Age of Horror". The man in the online program introduced that the video just now recorded the high school students who disappeared in Kunchiyan, and they have been missing for three months. Subsequently, a call was launched. This issue of "The Age of Horror" will take everyone to the Kunchiyan Mental Hospital on October 26, which is the closing date of the hospital, and broadcast live online. The captain predicts that the live broadcast will reach 1 million hits, which will probably bring in more than 500 million won in revenue. There are seven people in this expedition group, including: the captain, a cameraman and a host, as well as three women and one man who came to join voluntarily. Then the movie adopts a pseudo-documentary mode. The people in the movie are doing live broadcasts in Kunchiyan, and the audience outside the movie seems to be watching the live broadcast.

4.Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming

school horror female suspense

Korean classic horror movie IP reboot!

From 1998 to 2009, the series of "Stranger Things About Women's High School" has been filmed for five films one after another, and this reboot can be regarded as the sixth work. Each of this series revolves around girls' high schools, and the themes are also campus quirks. This reboot is no exception, continuing to tell ghost stories around a girls' high school with a haunted campus legend. The heroine, Enxi, who returned to her alma mater to serve as the dean, soon became connected with the ghost stories on the campus. All kinds of visual and auditory hallucinations followed one after another, and it seemed that the haunted women's high school had become an open secret. Eun-hee escaped from the Gwangju Incident in high school, thinking of forgetting those painful memories and living a peaceful life. Unexpectedly, a few years later, Enxi was accidentally recalled, and she suffered from schizophrenia. She wanted to seek an explanation from the devil who hurt her in the past and now hurts the female student.