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The Chick Flick Icon Anne Hathaway Has An Unexpected Look In This Fantasy Adventure Movie "The Witches"!


Campus Youth Romance CP Fantasy Zombie

Zombies from the future world start to date human beings?

The movie tells the story of Zed, a zombie boy, who wants to join the school's football team. Addison, a human girl who is upright and kind, aspires to be a cheerleader. They meet in school and have a love for each other. While getting along, Addison found that zombies have many advantages, which is very different from the image he was instilled in his childhood, while Zed hopes to strive for more status for the zombies through his own efforts. How will they overcome the barriers created by people's old-fashioned ideas?

2.The Witches

Fantasy Adventure Dark Fairy Tale

Anne Hathaway is a charming witch! Scheming witches VS a little boy. Who will win?

The little boy Gatsby encountered a car accident at the beginning of the game, and his parents died, leaving him and his grandmother alone. In order to cheer up the boy, the grandmother also tried her best to make him delicious food, sing and dance for him, and give him the little guinea pig as a gift. Finally came out of the haze of losing my parents. But a chance encounter in a convenience store completely changed his life. It turned out that the little boy met a strange woman. When he told his grandmother about this experience, the grandmother was not surprised and guessed the real identity of the woman - a witch!

3.I Can Speak

comedy true brutal history

Na Moon-hee won three Best Actress because of her role in this movie!

The film tells the story of a passionate petitioning lady who is honest and loves to fight injustice. Through the process of learning English from a very principled 9th grade civil servant, she gradually learns to speak English and at the same time, the hearts of the two gradually open up and become friends. The first half of the film tells the story of everyday life in a comical way. The turning point of the movie comes when Grandma goes to meet an important friend of hers. This friend suffers from Alzheimer's disease and completely forgets everything in the past. The secret that grandma has kept for many years is also revealed - both of them are "comfort women" who were violated by the Japanese army during the war. In those years when life was worse than death, it was the encouragement and friendship of the two little girls who supported each other through the dark years, and this friend has been running around, speaking out for the comfort women, demanding an apology from Japan , but was hindered by not knowing English, so I started to study English desperately!


thriller family marriage suspense

Horrible after-marriage life of Cinderella! She married rich yet discovered the dark secret of her stepdaughter...

The heroine of the film, Xiaochun, is a clerk working in a social welfare organization. She has a kind personality and is full of enthusiasm for her work, but even so, her life has not been happy and smooth. Grandpa passed out in the bathroom, and his father who had been drinking hurriedly took him to the hospital, but on the road a drunk man had a car accident, and the house was also on fire because of a mosquito coil that was kicked out of the house. Finally, this series of events finally seemed At the end of the day, Xiaochun, who was exhausted, wanted to go to her boyfriend to complain, but found that her boyfriend was secretly having an affair with his colleague at his house. After experiencing these things, she accidentally saved a rich and handsome single father. But Xiaochun did not live a happy life like the princess in fairy tales. Instead, because of her daughter Xiaoguang's abnormal behavior, she faced many problems and tests that she had never imagined in the past.