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Lee Jong Suk&Yoona-The hottest CP is back!

1.Big Mouth

Crime·Thriller·K-Drama(Release Date:2022/7/30)

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Crime Thriller K-Drama

Lee Jong Suk was jailed and turned into a "Genius Fraudster". His wife, Im Yoon Ah, did her best to save him and found out the truth!

2.Today's Webtoon

Romance·Comedy·K-Drama(Release Date:2022/7/30)

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Romance Comedy K-Drama

Kim Se Jeong's new drama! She ended her career as a judo athlete due to an injury, and joined the editorial department of a webtoon company, started her career struggle!

3.Paper Girls

Sci-Fi·Suspense·Thriller(Release Date:2022/7/30)

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Sci-Fi Suspense Thriller

Four 12-year-old girls who deliver newspapers accidentally travel through time and space, meet their future selves in time travel, and they will fight side by side to save the world...


Action·Thriller(Release Date:2022/8/5)

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Action Thriller

Joo Won turned into a special agent. He had amnesia and a bomb was installed in his mouth. He had to perform the mission desperately to survive!

5.The Sandman

Sci-Fi·Fantasy·Thriller(Release Date:2022/8/5)

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Sci-Fi Fantasy Thriller DC

Adaptation of DC's popular comics! In order to maintain order, the King of Dreams travels in two time and space to experience multiple adventures!