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Kim Min-gyoo turned into Heavenly Idol!


Horror·Thriller(Release Date:2023/2/14)

Starring Kanna Hashimoto, an infinite death loop movie, you can only live if you find the bones!

2.Big Bet Season 2

Crime·Action(Release Date:2023/2/15)

The casino is back! See how the tycoon does everything to protect the empire and life he built with his own hands!

3.The Heavenly Idol

Romance·Comedy(Release Date:2023/2/16)

A fantasy romance where a god from another world possesses the body of an unnamed idol in this world!


Crime·Suspense(Release Date:2023/2/17)

Starring Yim Si-wan! The girl lost her mobile phone, and the returnee implanted spyware, and the girl's life has changed dramatically!