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Replace death with vengeance! "Taxi Driver" is back!

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At the end of the first season, the secret organization "Model Taxi" formed by the victims forced the team of "Model Taxi" to be disbanded because all villains escaped for revenge, and the captain was arrested and imprisoned for investigation. The rest of the team members also seek a new life.

After a series of investigations, the captain was released without charge. The male protagonist Kim Dodge accompanies the captain to continue to manage the taxi company and continue to take revenge secretly. The hacker Go Eun was admitted to the police station and became a policeman. The remaining two maintenance team members chose to work in other large companies.

The team members who left the "Model Taxi" were connected again due to a bizarre disappearance case. Through a series of signs, they learned that the captain and Kim Dodge were still quietly taking revenge. On a revenge mission, Kim Dodge heads to Vietnam to investigate a missing victim. Two maintenance team members also went to Vietnam to secretly assist Kim Dodge. The captain who helped Kim Dodge communicate in South Korea was not familiar with computer operations, which hindered his revenge. The sensitive Gao En also knew the plan of the captain and his party, and she also returned to the team to assist in the investigation.

Through investigation, it was found that the missing victim was deceived by a South Korean fraud company to go to Vietnam to develop a gambling website with the gimmick of "overseas dispatch". In Vietnam, they were imprisoned in the wilderness, and if they failed to develop them, they would be beaten and dying. After Kim Dodge sneaked into the interior, he successfully found the boss of the head office. Through the photos sent by Jin Daoqi, Gao En discovered that the boss was actually the squad leader of the police station she worked for! During Jin Daoqi's confrontation with the boss, the boss was suddenly shot dead by a sniper who was secretly lurking!

Although the revenge is successful, it seems that there are bigger evil forces behind it. How will the "Model Taxi" team deal with it next?