The Running Mates: Human Rights
South Korea · 2019
Category:  Drama
The show is that it is neither the prosecutor is not a lawyer or detective, but the story of the investigator of the National Human Rights Commission, and the investigator who has neither search is not the right to be desperate, in order to be infringed. The gesture. The protagonists investigated the more important chance cases such as human rights violations and discrimination, which is responsible for the seriousness of human rights, due to public disputes, due to public rights, organizational, organs, etc.. Li Yuyuan playing Haiyun, whether it is interpersonal relationship or social life, she hatess the line behavior. She is a thorough investigation and only want to figure out the facts, maintain a calm and neutral survey and attitude, so it is misunderstood "lack of sympathy", even if she still maintains their own principles. Cui Guihua played Jiang Hajun, and he is the Surveyor of the Human Rights Promotion Committee is also an investigator for the procuratorate department, a potential to focus on the body. The surrounding people think that he is just exploiting and impulsive, but he is actually a brain running more than the body. He and the calm partner Haiyu are just complementary on the personality.