Black tulip
China · 2004
Category:  Drama
The multinational pharmaceutical company "Ge'an" has cooperated with China's coastal cities to build large-scale bioengineering bases. Xu Qian, the director of Xihai Hospital, felt that Ge An was doing some illegal drug experiment in the liver disease medical center of the hospital, but the other party was extremely tightly organized and there was no trace of illegal activities. Xu Qian also discovered that Ge An's people were planning to steal his mentor. Ling Zhiyuan, the director of the Liver Disease Center, who is well-known in the field of world epidemics, was studying a major scientific research achievement ("Black Tulip" virus research). Responsibility and conscience made Xu Qian decide to find out. The most effective way to do this is to make the operator trust him. At this time, Xu Qian found that he was suffering from an incurable disease-muscular dystrophy. He knew that he would lie in a hospital bed in six months at most, and he would leave in two years at most. Xu Qian did not look back at the "Jaegers" of Ge's company. After careful planning of each other's "exams", Xu Qian became the CEO of the bioengineering base... Ge Company concluded that Ling Zhiyuan's hand-secret research has a lot of work. Commercial value value. So his daughter Ling Zimo, a senior epidemiologist, was sent back to Xihai by Ge's headquarters abroad. Her identity is a senior consultant of the bioengineering base, but the secret intention of the headquarters is to let her slowly approach the secret research in the hands of her father, help her father’s helper, and disclose medical information to Ge An without her knowledge. Now... Ling Zimo returned to Xihai and found that his beloved Xu Qian had become secular, unfamiliar, and even terrifying. In this situation, Ling Zimo and his former lover, Wang Xiaohan, a lawyer who appeared out of date due to his vicious character, gradually got closer. Xu Qian deliberately created some sensational harm to Ling Zimo in order to let her beloved girlfriend find the emotional home. Lingzimo distressed. Dancing with the demon Xu Qian, suffering from misunderstandings by girlfriends, mentors, friends, and colleagues, suffering from physical pain and mental torture, will collect criminal evidence, and continue to send emails to Ling Zimo in the name of "Spiderman" to guide Ling Zimo I walked slowly and sorted out various "pauses". Xu Qian has become a special undercover and double-faced person. He wants Ling Zimo, Wang Xiaohan and others to enter the world in this way. The "Black Tulip" virus is about to explode on a large scale. Ling Zhiyuan and Ling Zimo and his daughter joined forces to completely decipher the genetic code of the virus before it broke out. A battle for the scientific achievements of black tulips has begun to incline. Ge An obtained the Ganoderma lucidum metafather gene map at all costs. In the end, the oriole was Ling Zhiyuan's assistant, a surface medicine, turned out to be the master's Yu Yaqin! When Ling Zimo and others finally realized that Spider-Man was Xu Qian, Xu Qian fought life and death with Yu Yaqin and others in order to protect the precious information of Black Tulip, and finally died heroically... Important evidence provided by the mayor of Xihai City, Xu Qian, The criminals of Ge'an Company were arrested in accordance with the law, and none of them escaped...and people admired Ling Zhiyuan, a medical expert, who contracted the virus to save the lives of patients and sacrificed their lives...In front of the beautiful seaside cemetery, people kept coming The hero pays tribute, and the sea is also moved...