Butterflies flying
China · 2004
Category:  Drama · Romantic
The lively and kind girl Zhong Xiaoyin (played by Yang Xue) suddenly fell ill on the day of college graduation. Zhong Xiaoyin hurried to the hospital and stepped on Lan Dongchen (played by Tong Dawei) in a panic. Because he didn't hear Xiao Yin's apology, the arrogant Lan Dongchen asked her to polish her shoes. However, the characteristic Xiao Yin threw a piece of shoe-shining money to Lanhou and left. The mother's expensive medical expenses put Zhong Xiaoyin in a difficult position. In desperation, she asked the new dean for help and found that the dean was Lan Dongchen who had just clashed with him. Lan Fu is the chairman of this hospital. Lan Dongchen is a wealthy boy with a net worth of hundreds of millions. Although he looks cold and domineering, he has a kind heart. The moment he met Zhong Xiaoyin, he fell in love with Zhong Xiaoyin inexplicably