Fall in love with single eyelid boys
China · 2005
Category:  Drama
The handsome and successful Han Zitong (Xia Yu) and the gentle and approachable Jiang Yi (Ai Dong) graduated from the same university. Jiang Yi had long regarded Zitong as a competitor because of his parents. They each run a thriving company. Jiang Yi always tried to devour the other side's career and avenge his hatred. By chance, Zitong met Song Xi (played by Zhou Yun) who graduated from university. Although they didn't get along well at first, their background made them closer to each other. They were teased by fate, and the process of getting along was full of quarrels and misunderstandings. With ulterior motives, Jiang Yi took the opportunity to approach eleven, intending to use this innocent girl as a pawn to avenge his old opponent. Love and friendship, mixed with years of gratitude and resentment, changed their taste... This film is adapted from the work of romantic novelist Rouge.