It was raining that day i love you
China · 2006
Category:  Drama
When the successful entrepreneur Ai Jushang was a child, he happened to see his sister and mother die one after another. His misunderstanding was caused by his father Ning Xinzhi and Secretary Li En. Because of his youth and ignorance, he believed in lies and ran away from home. Years later, he always wanted to get justice for his mother and sister. On a rainy night, he met the woman he fell in love with at first sight-Ning Enli. Ning Enli just returned from studying in France. She is a charming fashion designer. When Tansy wanted to express her love for Ning Enlai, she discovered that Ning Enlai was his father's adopted daughter. At the crossroads of love and hatred, Tansy suffered hard, but at this time, with a twisted heart, he chose the wrong path. Ai Cheng is the perfect ideal partner in Ning Enli's eyes. Ning En loves him so utterly intoxicated, he listens to everything, and doesn't even notice Ai Cheng's ulterior motives. When Ning Enli started working at home, she didn't know that Tansy had set up various obstacles for her. Whenever Ning Enli had difficulties in her eyes, she always stupidly asked Tan for help. Years of misunderstanding caused deep resentment between the father and son. Due to Ai Cheng's repeated mistakes, her stepmother Li En was hit by a car and turned into a vegetable. Ning Xinzhi also had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. Ai Jushang did not expect these consequences to occur, and he was very painful. But thinking about the death of his mother and sister, he decided not to stop his plan to retake Ning's career. Because Ning Xinzhi and Li En were both sick, the restless Ning Enli had to hand over Ning's career to Tansy for safekeeping. Ai Jushang broke up with Ning Enli after taking back Ning's business. She cannot accept reality. She had never thought that the one she loved could be so cruel and ruthless. She was very sad. At this time, Guan Wenpei, who had a crush on her, extended a helping hand to her. He cared about, cherished and helped Ning Enlai everywhere, and Ning Enlai agreed to marry him. On the surface, Tansy abandoned Ning Enlian, but deep in his heart, not only did he not give up his love for her, but he was more deeply trapped in the whirlpool of love. When he learned that Ning Enli was going to marry Shangguan Wenpei, he was shocked and angry. On a stormy night, I found Ning Enli and raped her. The distraught Jedi Ning Enlian went to sea. Shangguan Wenpei arrived in time, and the desperate Ning Enlian confessed the truth to him. Wen Pei, the official who loved her deeply, still proposed to Ning Enlian. When Ning Xin knew that this series of family accidents was planned by his beloved son Ai Ju, his heart attack relapsed and died. Ning Enlian endured her grief and took good care of her adoptive mother Li En. Ning Enli, who was married into an official family, wanted to lead a plain life, but found out that she was pregnant with her child on Aicheng. She was frightened and told the truth to the officials. His father-in-law Shangguanhong had a deep traditional concept and would not accept the only child to raise other people's children. Ning Enlai chose to escape alone and helplessly... Ai Ju learned the truth of those years from the waking Li En, and was deeply moved by family and father's love... But it was too late... He decided to run away from home... …In the deep confession of Tansy, he could not forget the lover Ning Enlai in his heart. He started on the long road to find Ning Enlian again