Star Island Love
China · 2017
Category:  Romantic
Sing Tao attracts single men and women from all over the world. This is destined to be a place where love will ferment. A wonderful love encounter is about to begin. Hundreds of meters above the blue sea, handsome and sunny Han Zhibin is sitting on a colorful hot air balloon and is broadcasting live on the Internet. He was wearing a clean white shirt and singing in the sea breeze. The song is beautiful and pleasant. On the shore, Zhang Xizhen went to see her 24th blind date. Because she accidentally let the other party see the 24 notes on her mobile phone, she was mistaken for being inattentive and the blind date failed. Han Zhibin went to find his ambiguous girlfriend. She opened a private custom clothing store on the island. They couldn't help being intimate in the fitting room. It happened that Zhang Xizhen came to this clothing store to buy clothes. Ms. Zhang likes the clothes in this store very much and thinks it fits her temperament very much. When she asked if she could get a discount, she learned that one of the VIP shops, Gao Fushuai, had already bought her all