Love at Second Sight
Belgium · France · South Korea · 2019
Category:  Comedy · Drama · Fantasy · Romantic
Paris, 2009. Raphaël is a high school student who pass the days with his best friend Felix at the same time that he tries to end his first Sci-Fi novel when by chance he meets Olivia, another student fan to play piano. After a first magical encounter between them, Raphaël finds in her the inspiration to end the novel. Ten years later, 2019, the novel have been turned in a famous Sci-Fi saga and Raphaël in a best-selling writer with a successful career including apparitions in TV and Internet. Therefore, he turned in a man full of himself without space for any other, and the marriage with Olivia is each time more cold and distant. After to finish his last book and talk with Olivia about to end the relation, they both go to sleep. To the next morning, Raphaël wakes up to find himself in an alternate reality: he works as teacher in a public high school of with the too teacher Felix, is related with Mélanie (another teacher of his school), his career as writer not exists, and Olivia is a famous pianist that doesn't recognizes him. Unable to accept this new world as real and without the remembers of these alternate ten years, Raphaël tells Felix the truth asking him help to know how was his life in this alternate world. Wanting to turn back and recover his previous life, Raphaël finds a possible solution: recover Olivia making that she fall in love him again. Pretending to be a ghost writer of celebrities' biographies interested on her, Raphaël meets Olivia to know her history, but then he discovers an unexpected trouble: Olivia has engaged to her agent, Marc. If Raphaël doesn't hurry, it's possible that he never can recover the life that he had.