Jeet Kune
China · 2017
Category:  Action · Crime · War
The film tells the story of Chang Mijing, who loved Bruce Lee Kung Fu Jeet Kune Do as a child. When he drove out, he clashed with four social people. Jing Xiaolong felt that he often practiced Bruce Lee's kung fu. The two sides fought an arduous struggle. Jing Xiaolong was knocked down by the opponent. At this time, he was seen by coach Yang, a real Jeet Kune Do master passing by, and rescued Jing Xiaolong. After that, Jing Xiaolong followed Coach Yang to learn Jeet Kune. Because of this, he forged grudges with four social figures. These four social figures all came from the hands of local entrepreneur Wang, general manager. They are very strong locally. Mr. Wang knew that his face was gone after being beaten. He has been looking for opportunities to find Coach Yang and Jing Xiaolong to save face. It happened that Wang Haohu, the son of General Manager Wang, returned from studying abroad, and he also practiced fighting skills. When returning home to meet with friends, President Wang mentioned that his son should also train well in China, and asked his martial arts friend Master Feng to recommend a good martial arts school for his son. Unexpectedly, since Master Feng recommended Yang Jiao's martial arts gym, Principal Wang was taken aback and told Master Feng of the contradiction, and the two sides decided to resolve the contradiction by challenging the arena. At dinner time, Wang Haohu took his girlfriend out to go shopping. On the way, he met a gangster who robbed a bag. Wang Haohu acted bravely and robbed passers-by. Unexpectedly, he saved a passerby's bag, which was millions of cash under long-term surveillance by gangsters. Since then, Wang Haohu offended the underworld gangsters. The underworld gangster knew Wang Haohu's identity and prepared to ask him for millions of cash. By challenging the arena game, Jing Xiaolong won the game. Wang and Yang Jiaolian shook hands and became good friends. Wang Haohu officially joined the martial arts school. At this time, the gangster had been staring at Wang Haohu for a long time and was about to kidnap Wang Haohu. Finally, when Wang Haohu went out alone with his girlfriend, he found an opportunity to kidnap Wang Haohu and his girlfriend. The gang boss blackmailed President Wang for 1 million yuan, and Mr. Wang asked not to call the police. Mr. Wang thought twice before acting, and must bring the gangster's appropriate opportunity to justice, so he asked Coach Yang for help. First of all, Coach Yang brought cash to the police. If there is a chance, Coach Yang takes Jing Xiaolong to save Wang Haohu. When they arrived at the agreed place, several gangsters surrounded Wang Haohu with knives. Coach Yang arranged for Jing Xiaolong to hide. After the gangster took the money and released Wang Haohu, he immediately reported to the police. The gangster saw Yang Jiaolian carrying money alone, but the police didn't have it either. After getting the money, he naturally relaxed his vigilance and left with the money. At this time, Coach Yang rescued Wang Haohu, and Jing Xiaolong also called the police. The three kept the gangster and started fighting. At a thrilling moment, the police finally arrived and brought all the criminals to justice.