Youth Fight
China · 2017
Category:  Romantic · Sci-Fi · War
Through the story of several conservatory girls competing for the only place to stay in the provincial capital after graduation, the film shows us all kinds of unimaginable things that a group of interest-driven students do. Friends become rivals, greed and desire are exposed. Just when everyone was exhausted, the school cancelled this place of accommodation and returned to a peaceful life, only to find that I had lost too much. In addition to being reluctant to leave, the incident of staying at school also left a deep mark on each of them in their lives. There is still a long way to life. At the crossroads of life, they always face the choice again and again, forward or backward, left or right, do we succumb to secular temptations, or stick to our inner bottom line? When we suddenly find ourselves on the wrong path under the guidance of desire, will you choose to continue sinking or turn around and return to the original place? Maybe the cost of this process is a bit heavy, but we grow in pain. When we get rid of the glitz of youth and restlessness and listen to the deepest call in our hearts, you will find the true answer to life.