King of Routines
China · 2017
Category:  Drama
This film mainly tells the hardships of the crew and the various routines encountered, so that the audience understands that it is not easy for the crew to make each movie. In order to realize the director's dream, the grassroots director found his old classmate Li Ziwei to invest. At the signing ceremony, Bird's assistant was negligent, which aroused Bird's anger. When he came back, you expelled Ye. Ye seduce investor Li Ziwei to retaliate against Bird. Li Ziwei's lustful Guangyou was taken by Ye to Australia to gamble and lost all his money. In order to continue making this film, Waveguide looked for investment everywhere, but was deceived by various routines. When Bird was about to give up his dream, he got help from Liu Bingbing, a confused internet reporter. After arduous shooting, the film was successfully completed.