Spring sleep
China · 2016
Category:  Romantic
Yang Dawei, who joined the Physiology Research Association, was ridiculed the first night. Naked in public the next day, he was almost considered a pervert. In the cafeteria, the black silk girl and Gao Fushuai accidentally choked on the pig's intestine while eating. Fortunately, Yang Dawei rescued them in time and attracted the attention of the goddess Xiaodan. Yang Dawei fell in love with Xiaodan at first sight and saved Xiaodan from cheating in French class. In fact, Dawei's roommates Wand, Glasses, and Xiaojun already knew Xiaodan's roommates Miao Miao, Siya and Xiao Nan in the Physiological Association, and made various farce with the president. After that, the four prodigals of Dawei dormitory and the four beauties of Xiaodan dormitory deepened their relationship in KTV. Everyone is happy to open a house, but Dawei is dominated by Gao Fushuai. Fortunately, with the help of Dawei's roommate's prodigal, he successfully countered with clever tricks such as pretending to be ghosts and fake pregnancy. At this time, the real shadow on the campus was attacking Xiaodan.