My UFO girlfriend
China · 2016
Category:  Fantasy · Romantic
The otaku Zhang Yu stayed at home alone for half a year because of his love for movies, which caused his girlfriend to break up with him. After breaking up, Zhang Yu couldn't remember for a while. After choosing various methods of suicide, he turned to the extreme way of jumping off the building. At this moment, the flying saucer came by accident and rescued Zhang Yu. The rescued Zhang Yu left the alien beauty at home under the persuasion of his friend Wu Hao. In the process of getting along with the beautiful alien girl, Zhang Yu gradually fell in love with the innocent and cheerful alien girl. In the process of pursuing again and again, Zhang Yu gradually felt the true meaning of life and the importance of family and friendship. However, at this time, the alien killer also came to Earth. In order to save the captured beauty, Zhang Yu and his friend Wu Hao fight the alien killer.