A trip that just walks away
Chine · 2016
Classification :  Comédie · Crime · Drame · Guerre
Ma Rulong is a director who is very obsessed with art films, especially musical films. His biggest dream is to make a music and art film, which is based on his love story. Although the film company he signed with promised to give him the opportunity to make a film, but was blocked by Director Xu, Ma Rulong has always devoted himself to his creation. Ma Rulong was recognized by the bar singer Yuren while inspecting the shooting scene. Yuren likes Ma Rulong's song very much. It turned out that Ma Rulong was also a famous singer of the year. The rain man likes to sing Ma Rulong’s famous song "Just Walk Away", and took Ma Rulong to the underground channel to sing this song, but the purpose of the rain man was to win girls for himself through Ma Rulong’s fame. Ma Rulong returned disappointed, and the rain man took the opportunity Met Lin Na.