Desperate young woman
Chine · 2016
Classification :  Suspense · Thriller
Kuang Mei, a young woman who was ill, killed her husband and a man she knew online because of her husband's history of domestic violence and derailment. Xiaotian fled to an abandoned village: a small village made up of five people: a barber, a blacksmith, a dumb boy, a lunatic, and a murderer who was released from prison. It is Xiaotian's hometown. Due to a water poisoning incident more than ten years ago, the village was almost isolated from the world and abandoned. After Xiaotian returned to the village, she mysteriously disappeared and helped the young woman find medicine. The young woman was almost raped by the murderer. Fortunately, the barber rescued her, and the barber told the young woman the unknown secrets of the village. Then the murderer died in the forest, and the blacksmith at the entrance of the village was also killed. The legendary mysterious man in the forest reappeared. Young women and dumb boys broke into the dense forest, and the atmosphere of killing and killing filled the forest.