China · 2015
Kategori:  Komedi · Kriminal · Sci-Fi
"Shameless" is a black comedy film. It was successfully broadcast in Shenzhen on the morning of March 30, 2015. The famous producer Ye Qian served as the producer of the film "Shameless", directed by the young Chinese director Zhou Jin and supervised by Wu Xiao. Curated by Wu Xiao, Ye Qian, Ye Deyuan, Zhou Jin, and Ye Xuemei; famous photographers Liao Wei and Liao Lang filmed the film; a number of mysterious film and television actors assisted in the performance. China Central Television, China Film Association, China Micro-Film Industry Alliance, China Micro-Film Stars Festival, China Prefectural and Municipal Micro-Film Federation, Guangdong Television Association, Shanghai Oriental TV, Zhejiang Qianjiang Channel, Hong Kong Satellite TV, National Lefei Brand Director Agents and other units attended the press conference.