Beijing's past
China · 2016
Kategori:  Romantic
In 1997, Xiao Bayi was 18 years old in Beijing. He is an unknown junior in a high school in Beijing. His family was poor, and his parents had died since childhood. He was raised by his grandmother. Xiao Bayi is often harassed by the little scoundrels in the society at school. The famous local villain Lu Bu often robbed him of his money. Until one day, a beautiful and pure Xiake transfer student came to the school. The love of young people ignited in their hearts. But at the same time, Xiao Bayi was beaten again by Lu Bu. Fortunately, Xiao Bayi's newly released brother Baolong and his best friend Yangzi were relieved. Xiao Bayi didn't buy the account of Tyrannosaurus rex because of his old grievances. Later, Xiao Bayi learned that Lu Bu was following Xia Ke, because Xia Ke was beaten. This prodigal Xiao Bayi, who has always been a tailsman, showed his god of war, became famous in one battle, and made 20 enemies in one battle. Since then, the swords and crossbows of Xiao Bayi, Baolong, Yang Tong, and Lu Bu have all reached the realm of immortality. At this time, Xia Ke disappeared