Rogi mayor
China · 2016
Kategori:  Crime · Fantasy · Sci-Fi
Lin Musen, who has practiced Laoshan martial arts for generations, hurt his vitality while catching monsters at night. Instigated by the female disciple Lin Liunian, he went to Beijing to see a doctor and visited his eldest disciple Lin Zhixue. However, Lin Zhixue, who has grown up, has long despised Master's theory of gods and ghosts. Lin Musen accidentally found an unjust ghost in the Lin Zhixue community, and secretly subdued him. Unexpectedly, zombies were discovered on the construction site where Lin Zhixue was. Just when Lin Liuliu was not polite to catch the zombies, Lin Musen went out to subdue the zombies again. As Lin Musen left, Lin Zhixue suddenly woke up in her dream. It turned out that Lin Musen had not yet arrived in Beijing.
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