China · 2008
Categoria:  Drama
The story starts with a story that happened on a rainy night. Three cars galloped by on Binhai Avenue, each with a different story. Suddenly, a violent impact was accompanied by a thunder that pierced the sky. In the tunnel, three cars crashed into a ball, and there was deathly silence. A young life disappeared in front of him, taking away a baby less than two months old. Soon, the driver who escaped from the accident discovered his conscience and surrendered to the police station. There are many unknown secrets hidden in the middle... The collision at this moment has changed the original life trajectory of everyone in the story. A cruel reality is discovered; strange events are happening; the thick mask is removed. The explosion of love, the changes of marriage, the coming of death, ugly faces and the essence of kindness are intertwined, showing the living conditions of different classes in modern society and depicting the true feelings of the world.