Blue Brick Man
China · 2017
Categoria:  Comédia
After Jing Ke assassinated Qin Chao, he left behind the blue brick chopper gate of the killer gate. Now that the talents are exhausted, only one Dong and one Qi brother are left. In a harmonious society, one sells pork and the other delivers express delivery, but they should be wrong, and for the first time they become opponents of each other's "delivery". Finally, everyone was overjoyed and made a so-called "kidnapping" Oolong. However, Aqi's good friend, the rich daughter, was placed under house arrest by her cousin because of her family heritage. Her blood once again illuminates the two little people at the bottom of society. The brothers worked together to make the brick kitchen knife door a new look. The chopper man and the blue brick man played against his big cousin Ma Nan, but they were not opponents. The master personally led the "hero" of the massage shop to uniform the big cousin, and the big cousin was willing.