Wee angel
China · 2016
Categoria:  Crime · Drama · Ficção científica
The female worker of the sanitation station witnessed the car accident, and the perpetrator drove away. After providing the police with information about the scene of the accident, he did not expect it to be a fake car, and the case became confusing. Seeing the scene of the accident, Sister Qing's nerves were shocked again. After struggling with her conscience, she decided to hunt down the perpetrator. At this time, she received an envelope full of cash, warning her to completely erase the memory of the car accident. Things are getting closer and closer to the truth, and the driver gradually surfaced. It is the father of her son's classmate. Sister Qing received a threatening letter, and her son Wei Heng was beaten. When the family thought it was an accident, only Sister Qing knew what it meant!