I won't tell you
Trung Quốc · 2015
Phân loại:  Hài · Hoang tưởng · Khoa học viễn tưởng
He Youli's dream is to become an actor. Unexpectedly, he fell to the ground and died while filming a Kung Fu show. His soul came to Heaven in the Uniqlo office in Sanlitun, and was stopped by Master Bao Qing Tianbao. He must decide whether he will go to heaven or hell in Yuli, judging by how many good things he has done. He Youli began to talk about her hard life: from actors to screenwriters, to psychologists, gamblers and killers, He Youli has worked in various occupations, and his work is always between good and bad. When he became an actor again, he died unfortunately due to an accident during filming. Bao Gong's mercy and compassion gave He Yuli a new lease of life and pursue his dreams again.