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Tom Hiddleston looking for "Essex Serpent"!

1.Woori The Virgin

Comedy · Romance · K-Drama (Release Date:2022/5/10)

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Im Su-hyang✖️ A virgin who wants to stay pure until marriage accidentally finds out she's pregnant with a chaebol's child during her regular check-ups? What kind of hilarious episodes will it trigger?


Crime · Thriller · Suspense (Release Date:2022/5/13)

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Adapted from the Texas "Axe Killer" crime story in the 1980s, why would a housewife who seems to be living a happy life brutally kill a friend in her church with an axe?

3.Hacks Season 2

Comedy · Female (Release Date:2022/5/13)

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The high-scoring award-winning comedy is back! " Las Vegas Comedy Queen" will embark on a comedy tour with her team, and what kind of hilarious sparks will the new members bring?

4.The Lincoln Lawyer

 Law · Crime · Suspense  (Release Date:2022/5/13)

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Los Angeles-focused defense attorney Mitch Haller, who runs his legal practice from the back seat of a Lincoln instead of working in an office, what interesting cases will he face?

5.The Essex Serpent

Crime · Suspense  (Release Date:2022/5/13)

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Tom Hiddleston's latest drama! A mysterious creature known as the "Essex Snake" emerges in the town. Pastor Hiddleston and widow Claire Danes work together to solve the mystery and develop an unexpected romance?