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Taxi Driver Season 2 is coming!

1.Taxi Driver Season 2

Suspense·Crime·Action(Release Date:2023/2/18)

The bloody drama returns! Let's set off again to protect justice with the taxi team that suppresses violence!

2.Carnival Row Season 2

Suspense·Action·Fantasy(Release Date:2023/2/18)

Human elves go to war! Where will the sadomasochism between different species go?

3.Call Me Chihiro

Romance(Release Date:2023/2/23)

Starring Kasumi Arimura, a former sex worker went to the beach to start a healing story~

4.SnowFall Season 6

Crime·Suspense(Release Date:2023/2/23)

The final season! What will be the result of the infighting among drug families!

5.We Have A Ghost

Comedy·Horror·Adventure(Release Date:2023/2/24)

"Happy Death Day" director's new work! The ghost that was put on the social networking site became popular all over the world?