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The Forbidden Love Behind The World Famous Painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring"

1.Love Letter

First Love Secret Love School Japanese Movie Shunji Iwai

The most precious thing about the movie is that it expresses the first love we experienced, but never expressed.

The director shows two precious loves in a soothing way with the two clues of time travel and the affectionate brushstrokes. Because of the unforgettable old love, the heroine sent a letter to the address of her ex-boyfriend when he was studying in high school. In this way, the two women started to exchange letters by accident, uncovering a long-suffering past, and also developing a hazy love that has not yet been said. When the heroine was curious, she searched for the city where her former boyfriend was, but did not find the girl with the same name. But on the street, the two passed by each other, obviously they were a little telepathic to each other, but unfortunately they still didn't really know each other. Just like first love, they always thought that the two would lead to a happy life in the end, but they could only be familiar strangers, and they were destined to pass by, leaving only a few memories.

2.Memoirs of a Geisha

Geisha Zhang Ziyi Gong Li Romance Secret Love Tragedy

Geisha have been entangled in secret love for a lifetime. Even if they like each other in the end, they still have no choice to accompany each other for a lifetime.

The film recalls her tragic life from the perspective of the heroine. The heroine with blue-gray eyes was born in a poor fishing village and was sold to a famous geisha restaurant in Kyoto. A man known by others as the chairman was surrounded by two well-behaved geisha. He leaned over to comfort him as he passed by, giving the heroine hope to live bravely. It was this encounter that made her make up her mind to become an elegant geisha, wearing a gorgeous kimono to accompany the president. She got a word of praise from this man, which was enough for her to like it for a long time. But in the second half of the movie, it is a geisha who is helpless and sad. Her first night was auctioned to a high price, and she was auctioned off to that perverted doctor. She had always had no choice.

3.Girl with a Pearl Earring

Scarlett Johansson Colin Firth Art Painting Romance Crush Tragedy

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth celebrate the pinnacle of art in classical romance

The picture style of the whole film continues the color aesthetics of the Baroque period, pure camera control and delicate expression capture, presenting the film as elegant as an oil painting. The role played by every actor in the film interprets the fate of the times with their own standpoint. The male protagonist was once a famous painting master in the 17th century, but his hobby was not understood by his family. His wife's hysteria and his mother-in-law's vexatious troubles made the former artist feel depressed about life. In order to make a living, he had to paint some works that conform to the society and are not liked by him in exchange for the needs of life. So this person who was abandoned by art accidentally fell in love with the maid servant. This character has the epitome of sacrifice in that era, and the matriarchal society embodied in the film deeply stifles the dignity and status of men.


Erotic Desire Art Prostitute Gong Li

Three directors and three unique styles of cultural background fusion

This is an erotic film co-produced by Italy, Hong Kong, the United States, France, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom. The film is a three-part "love and sex" theme film. There is no doubt that these three short films are full of sex, eroticism and desire. The first part tells the story of a young tailor in Hong Kong in the 1960s who loved the courtesan lady for many years without repayment; the second part tells the story of an advertising agency employee who is always haunted by spring dreams in New York in the 1950s , had to seek help from his psychiatrist; the third paragraph deals with the theme of the relationship between men and women in modern society. The three directors interpret this proposition in their own way. At the same time, it is also a tribute to Antonioni. This is Antonioni's second directorial work since he suffered a stroke in 1985 and lost his ability to speak and move, and the film also continues Antonioni's interpretation of the "disappearing woman" motif.